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           Welcome to the Official Website of the Championship Kart Racing Association    
Welcome to the official website of the Championship Kart Racing Association (CKRA), a club of kart racing enthusiasts in Northeast Ohio and the Greater Cleveland Area, promoting a fun, safe, family oriented environment for low cost, exciting wheel to wheel racing. CKRAà¨Żme track is a sprint asphalt road course at Thompson Kart Raceway. Join the Fun! Contact us to find out more.

 Join the Fun!
Attention all CKRA Racers, Supporters, and Friends!
CKRA is a club that came together for the purpose of enjoying the sport of kart racing. We are an all-volunteer group sharing the passion of karting as the best form of motorsports you could find. Our club, Thompson Kart Raceway, is part of Thompson Raceway Park. CKRA's history dates back to 1984 when our club built the first kart track that was part of then, Thompson Drag Raceway. Let us take you on a little tour of CKRA and the different ways you can get involved with the racing program.

The volunteers are the most important part of the racing at Thompson Kart Raceway. Without the volunteers to put the racing program together, the drivers would never get the chance to race at all.

In the Tower
In the tower we have the Race Director, Assistant Race Director, and several Scorers. The Race Director is for making sure the drivers are following the driving rules on the track. They will do their best to make calls for rough driving, bumping, clean starts and passing. They tell the corner workers when to display blue flags to lapped karts. The Assistant Race Director is a second set of eyes for the Race Director. The scorers keep track of all of the drivers . They relay information to the Head Flagman as far as the numbers of laps that have been run, when to display the crossed flags to indicate the half way point of the race, 2 laps to go, the white flag (one lap to go), and checkered flag. The Race Announcer is calling the action on track. The Announcer is also calling up the next class, plugging our clubs sponsors, and adding more fun to the program.

On Track
On the track you have the Head Flagman/Starter. The Head Flagman is for starting the race and trying to make sure the start is fair. The Head Flagman also gives out black flag, remaining laps, and of course the black and white checkered flag. The Corner Workers are a critical part of any race. They display flags to relay safety information to the drivers. They watch for any passes that might happen under yellow flags (caution) and relay the information to the tower. They also display the blue flag to drivers who are about to be lapped.

Off Track
Volunteers are everywhere. We have volunteers working the scale to make sure everyone makes minimum weight coming off the track, the front gate to collect admission, Pre-Race Technicians to make sure everything is safety wired and other safety items are checked, and of course the Concession Stand!! They not only feed all of the volunteers, drivers, and race fans, but also make the best burgers around.

A lot of people have the misconception that Karting is a kids sport. The biggest classes are made up of adults. Yes, we do have kids starting off at age 5, but we also have racers into their 60's. Kart racing produces on track battles that are more intense than any other form of auto racing. The action is always exciting to watch and incredible to experience. To drive a Racing Kart at its limits takes a lot of driving skill and focus. You need to drive the fastest line around the track, learn how to threshold brake at just the right moment without locking up the brakes, drive at the limit of traction without going over it, and driving smooth so you do not scrub off any extra speed. Mastering these skills provides a feeling like nothing else and provides you with a great day.

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